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You found us on the web, that's a good start. So why not check us out this Tuesday and see what it's all about. We're a fun and exciting group of people following the teachings of Jesus in a fun exciting community called LaSalle.

Join Us Every Tuesday @ 6:30pm For a Relaxing, Worshipful, and Inspiring Evening With God and Good Friends.

March 31st Come Celebrate Holy Week at Lifeline With Worship, Communion & The Easter Story

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LaSalle Church
Lifeline Church is a LaSalle Church plain and simple because we love the community of LaSalle. We May not all live or work in LaSalle, but LaSalle is a community in our area that we care deeply about and we love to spend time in and around. Lifeline Church began it's work in the community of LaSalle in 2007 on Front Rd., and although we have changed locations a couple of times we still remain a LaSalle Church and are committed to the community of LaSalle and the people that live and work here. We are here to Love God and Love People, specifically the people and community of LaSalle and we will do that wherever and however we can. Although we meet together every Tuesday, you can find us every day all over LaSalle living our lives just like everyone else. Lifeline loves LaSalle, and we'd love to meet you too.

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